Toward Equal Justice

What we do:

We educate our members about the Criminal Justice System, the different intersectional systems that underpin it, and opportunities for transformational reform. We provide resources and collective opportunities for our members to take actions in their lives, communities, businesses, investments, and philanthropy.

  • We host salons for NEXUS members in our cities, at allied conferences/events, and at NEXUS Summits on innovative solutions to the Criminal Justice System.
  • We provide baseline frameworks, materials and context around the Criminal Justice System as well as regular news and information about the system on an ongoing basis through social media for our members to understand these issues fully and become ambassadors to others about the need for transformational reform.
  • We provide resources for our members on actionable areas for them to implement as well as peer support to that implementation.
  • We help amplify the voices of formerly incarcerated led solutions as well as our members as they take action and encourage others to do the same.

How you can get involved:

  • Join our mailing list at and add us on social media @nexus4justice
  • Share our postings on social media and talk about these issues with your friends, encouraging discussion AND action
  • Join our events locally and at Summits and events throughout the year at Sundance, SXSW, NBA All Star game, etc.
  • Invite the Working Group to host a discussion at your event
  • Suggest a topic for us to discuss and/or help us co-host our next Salon
  • Take action locally and globally on this issue and build with other members who are pledging to take action
  • Share your experiences and encourage your friends to take action as well