Working Group on Climate Change


Anthropogenic greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, clearing land, agriculture and industry have exceeded the planet’s capacity to manage solar radiation and maintain the current biosphere. Scientific studies indicate significant negative weather, natural disaster probabilities increasing and economic instability. This will produce additional negative long-term outcomes for biological diversity and vulnerable human populations while we continue to exceed this planetary limit. Current policy and technological trajectories fail to reach scientific expectations for achieving climate stabilization.

The NEXUS Working Group on Climate Change evolved in 2016 from the NEXUS Climate Lab to facilitate NEXUS engagement on these issues and help stabilize the climate and ecological crisis.


The NEXUS Working Group on Climate Change builds bridges to amplify connections, knowledge and engagement on climate solutions.


The NEXUS Working Group on Climate Change collaborates on and develops programs for:

  • Climate science and education
  • Existing and proposed government climate policies
  • Climate activism and advocacy
  • Clean energy and technology innovation
  • Creating climate solutions

Links and Information

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