Animal Welfare & Biodiversity Conservation


The NEXUS Working Group on Animal Welfare & Biodiversity Conservation launched in early 2016 aspiring to mobilize NEXUS membership to tackle Animal Welfare & Biodiversity Conservation issues globally. Through the commitment and passion of a international community of NEXUS members, the NEXUS Working Group on Animal Welfare & Biodiversity Conservation empowers members to be leaders by helping them connect and learn from one another and with leaders and experts in the field. The Working Group is Co-chaired by NEXUS members Liza Heavener and Aimee Gilbreath.


Human and animal populations have evolved together for millions of years developing bonds of interdependency and mutual benefit. As our 21st century civilization urbanizes, humans become less connected to animals and the natural world. Stray animal populations are on the rise, leading to inhumane practices and abuse. The destruction of biodiversity reduces the health of ecosystems and harms pharmacological, agricultural, and eco-tourism related development. The world is experiencing rapid global decline in biodiversity and animal welfare.


The NEXUS Working Group on Animal Welfare & Biodiversity Conservation will work to restore a caring and respectful relationship with nature by addressing the culture of separation that currently exists. We will uncover and address the different levels at which the environment and animals are mistreated or used in unsustainable ways for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. We want to inspire, educate, empower, and collaborate through a broad spectrum of topics and innovative solutions in the animal welfare & biodiversity conservation space. This online community will serve as a forum and space for Nexus members to share information, network, brainstorm ideas, attend events and collaborate.


  • Speakers series by call experts and organization leaders in the Animal Welfare & Biodiversity Conservation space
  • Salon dinners with international speakers in intimate settings organized globally (30 people)
  • Delegations to animal welfare & biodiversity conservation conferences and speaking opportunities for NEXUS members
  • Experiential learning journeys to conservation site visits across the world

Contact Information

To learn more about the NEXUS Working Group on Animal Welfare & Biodiversity Conservation, please contact