Human Trafficking

The NEXUS Working Group on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery launched in February 2014 in New York City with the goal of exploring the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking in an effort to leverage the unique skills, talents, and access of NEXUS members in order to change domestic and international policy, promote partnerships among and between civil society and governments, explore options for social impact investments in this space, and end the plight of slaves and human trafficking victims. The Working Group is chaired by NEXUS members Melissa Jane Kronfeld, Diana Mao, and Patrick Gage.

According to the U.S. State Department, Modern Slavery is a crime that includes forced and bonded labor, migrant labor debt bondage, sex or human trafficking, involuntary domestic servitude and child soldiering. Human Trafficking, or the trafficking of persons, is when someone obtains or holds a person in compelled service. According to United Nations, human trafficking is a form of modern slavery that subjects children, women, and men to force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labour.

Mission Statement
The NEXUS Working Group on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery aims to mobilize resources and individuals to invest in high impact solutions that address the root causes of human trafficking and combat modern slavery.

Advance the mission of organizations combating human trafficking and modern slavery; inspire next-gen donors and millennial activists to combat human trafficking and modern slavery; and bridge knowledge gaps, silos and lack of resources with communities of dialogue and wealth.

Organizations We Admire
Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST), Allies Against Slavery, Amara Legal Center, Annie Cannons, Anti-Slavery International, Artworks For Freedom, Aruna Project, Bureau Veritas, Challenging Heights, Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), ChildReach, Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST), Courtney’s House, Covenant House, ECPAT-USA, Episcopal Dioceses of New York Task Force Against Human Trafficking, ENDCrowd, End Slavery Now, Fair Girls, Fair Food Standards Council, Freedom For All, Freedom Fund, Free the Slaves, GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services), Geneva Global, Girl Be Heard, Global Freedom Network, GoodWeave, #HeForShe, Heartland Alliance, Humanity United, Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB), International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), International Justice Mission (IJM), International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF), Just Business, Let My People Go, Love 146, Liberty Asia, Made in a Free World, Migrant Forum Asia, National Domestic Workers Association, New York Medical College, New York Asian Women’s Center, Nomi Network, Not For Sale, Not on My Watch, Polaris, The Porch Light (Florida Baptist Children’s Homes), Prevent Human Trafficking, Project Futures, Red Alert, Red Sand Project, Rescue Freedom, Responsible Sourcing Network, Runaway Girl, Safe Horizon, The Samaritan Women, Sanctuary for Families, Saving Innocence, Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN), Seattle Against Slavery, Senhoa Foundation, Set Beautiful Free, Solidarity Center, Sports Pledge for Freedom, Stand Against Slavery, Stolen Youth, TAU Investment Management, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Traffic Jam, Transparent, Verité, UNICEF, United States Department of State, UN Women, United Way, Unseen, Urban Light, Walk Free Foundation, The Wren Initiative, Young Minds for Gender Equality (YM4GE), and The Zovighian Partnership

Companies We Admire
BARE, C&A, Carlson, Coca Cola, ConscisouCo, FEED, FSI Worldwide, GAP, Hilton, Indigenous, Just Good, Laughing Man Coffee, Liberty United, MAS Holdings, Maiyet, Masion de Mode, Modavanti, Nike, NXP Semiconductors, Patagonia, Sabre Technologies, Safeway, Tom’s Shoes, Unilever, Warby Parker, Zady

Featured in Our Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Speaker Series
In an effort to educate the community, the Working Group has featured a series of presentations by Ernie Allen (ICMEC), Christian Arnold (Prevent Human Trafficking), David Batstone (Not for Sale), Robert Beiser (Seattle Against Slavery), Ryan Berg (Aruna Project), Robert Billheimer (Not My Life), Betsey Bramon (U.S. State Department), Mary Caparas (New York Women’s Asian Center), Jane Charles (SOLD), Gerardo Chavez (Food Chains), Kay Chernush (Artworks for Freedom), Fr. Leonir Chiarello (Scalabrini International Migration Network), Michele Clark (Artworks for Freedom), Lori Cohen (Sanctuary for Families), Mary David (Human Rights Advocate), Jeffrey Dean (SOLD), Justin Dillon (Made in a Free World), Nathaniel Erb (Worthwhile: GO), Thomas Estler (Abolitionista) Katie Ford (Freedom for All), Alison Friedman (United States Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons), Patrick Gage (Carlson), Cara Gardner (Amara Legal Center), Sarah Gardner (Thorn), Pearl Gluck (The Turn Out), Molly Gochman (Red Sand Project), Sarah Godoy (Google/UCLA Trafficking Project), Mary Caparas (New York Asian Women’s Center), Elca Grobler (Red Alert), Nick Grono (Freedom Fund), Laura Hackney (Annie Cannons), Fergus Hanson (Walk Free Foundation), Anna Jaeger (SafeNight App), Lima James (LifeWay Network), Duncan Jepson (Liberty Asia), Siddharth Kara (Harvard University), Emily Kennedy (Traffic Jam), Smriti Keshari (Food Chains), Kevin Kish (Bet Tzedek Legal Services), Vandana Kripalani (Set Beautiful Free), Jimmy Lee (Restore NYC), Rachel Lloyd (GEMS), Rachel Lohan (The Samaritan Women), Stephanie Lorenzo (Project Futures), Diana Mao (Nomi Network), Christie Marchese (Food Chains), Ashley Marinaccio (Girl Be Heard), Peter Mihaere (Stand Against Slavery), Alicia Mills (ChildReach), Kenneth B. Morris Jr. (Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives), Sarah Jane Murray (Nefarious), Padmini Murthy (New York Medical College), John Nehme (Allies Against Slavery), Consolee Nishimwe (Rwandan Genocide Survivor), Benjamin Nolot (Nefarious), Yvonne O’Neal (Episcopal Diocese of New York Task Force Against Human Trafficking), Morgan Perry (Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution), Andrea Powell (Fair Girls), Rev. Que (Not On My Watch), Sanjay Rawal (Food Chains), Stacie Reimer (Amara Legal Center), Seirah Royin (SOLD), Alezandra Russell (Urban Light), Raleigh Sadler (Let My People Go), Rebecca Sadwick (Google/UCLA Trafficking Project), Sophia Sanders (Stolen Youth), Conchita Sarnoff (The Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking), Joe Schmidt (ENDCrowd), Eric Shih (Spendrise), E. Ben Skinner (TAU Investments), Carol Smolenski (ECPAT-USA), Roisin Stallard (ChildReach), Susan Tenby (SafeNight App), Ehb Teng (The Wren Initiative), Amanda Weikel (The Samaritan Women), Jody Weiss (Sports Pledge for Freedom), Shandra Woworuntu (Survivor), and Lynn Zovighian (The Zovighian Partnership)

Reports & Links

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#EndSlaveryNow: A Discussion With Activists, Survivors, Influencers & Visionaries in the Modern Anti-Slavery Movement (Third Edition, 2017)

#EndSlaveryNow: A Discussion With Activists, Survivors, Influencers & Visionaries in the Modern Anti-Slavery Movement (Second Edition, 2016)

#EndSlaveryNow: A Discussion With Activists, Survivors, Influencers & Visionaries in the Modern Anti-Slavery Movement (First Edition, 2015)

NEXUS Caribbean 2015 Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Report

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