Why should I attend?

      If you are an experienced philanthropist or impact investor

      Serve as a mentor to the next generation of donors and investors. Bring attention to key global issues and strategies to address them.

      If you are a newbie to philanthropy or impact investing

      Learn from some of greatest philanthropic leaders and investors of your generation. Get inspired by the latest innovations in the field. Find mentors. Find job and volunteer opportunities with your ideal philanthropy and social investing ventures.

      If you are a social entrepreneur

      Dialog and partner with some of the greatest minds of your generation about leading innovations.

      If you are an influencer

      Take this important knowledge from the leading voices of our generation and share it with others.

When does the application process begin?

Join our mailing list here to receive email announcements when other summit application processes open up.

What hotels do you recommend?

For the 2016 NEXUS Global Youth Summit we recommend the W Union Square or the Hyatt Union Square. There is no group discount available.

What is the target age of NEXUS Summits?

Most participants are between the ages of 15 and 40, however up to 10 percent of spots are made available to allies and mentors over 40.

Does a quality application guarantee a spot?

No, but if your application is successful you will get a formal response within a few weeks.

What is the cost?

The fees for NEXUS events are modest, at cost, or free. Limited scholarships are available, however all participants are responsible for covering the costs of their own travel and accommodations. For details send email to scholarships@nexusyouthsummit.org.

Participation in the majority of NEXUS events around the world is free. This arrangement has allowed everyone to participate on the same level, permitting everyone to identify and contribute as they see fit. As the network has grown around the world, new mechanisms of income generation became necessary to transition from an all volunteer effort to a more professional operation.

If you are interested in helping to subsidize the participation of NEXUS participants please send us email at info@nexusyouthsummit.org.

What is the cancellation policy for the Global Summit?

Conference fees are 50% refundable up until 30 days before the Summit start date. Conference fees are not refundable thereafter.

What about solicitation?

All conference participants are asked to adhere to a “no-fundraising and no-solicitation of business” ethic throughout the conference.

How is the event funded?

Through conference fees, donations, sponsorships, and partnerships. If you are interested in making a contribution to NEXUS, we are seeking additional supporters. Please contact Brian Weinberg at brianw@nexusyouthsummit.org.

How does selection work?

We accept people on a rolling and first-come-first-served basis. To get a spot, apply soon. We have a number of criteria that are used internally to screen candidates including the written application, who is referring the candidate, personal and professional background, diversity, and more. We review each application within a few weeks of submission.

What about press?

The NEXUS Global Youth Summit and our other events are open to select media. We have a limited number of press passes available. To apply for credentials, email press@nexusyouthsummit.org and include your outlet and links to recent work.

What is the legal status of NEXUS?

NEXUS is a non-profit enterprise. It was originally developed as a project of Search for Common Ground. It is currently a project of the Giving Back Fund. In 2014, NEXUS filed its own 501(c)(3) articles of incorporation and will soon have its own non-profit tax designation.

Will there be translation?

Some translation will be offered at some of our summits. Please email info@nexusyouthsummit.org for more information.

Will there be childcare?

For inquiries about childcare, please email info@nexusyouthsummit.org.

I am attending the Summit and I am under the age of 18. What do I need to know?

Some special programs may be organized for participants under the age of 18. Additionally, we have a consent form which needs to be completed and returned to us before the summit commences. Email us at info@nexusyouthsummit.org to ask for it.

Where will the events take place?

Global Summit: The NEXUS Global Youth Summit often convenes at the United Nations at 777 United Nations Plaza 44th street & 1st Ave, New York. Most of the programming is at the United Nations with some events at other venues around Manhattan. More details are announced in the weeks leading up to the event.

Other Regional Summits: For details about the venues of other regional summits visit the appropriate regional summit page.

Other Regional Summits: For details about the start times of other regional summits, please visit the appropriate regional summit page.

Who is coming?

We do not make participant lists available to the public, but there are partial lists of hosts, panelists, presenters and advisors on the pages of each summit website.

What should I wear to NEXUS Summits?

Attire for our summits is Business Casual. We would like all of our participants to be comfortable. The attire for NEXUS dinners and parties is upscale casual; we would like our participants to feel free to dress up for these events if they would like to, but it is not a requirement.

Will there be free time?

Time is scheduled between day time programs and evening programs to offer free time. See each summit program separately for details.

How can I meet other NEXUS participants?

If you have been accepted to a NEXUS Summit, please join our private Facebook Group. Email us at info@nexusyouthsummit.org and ask for details.

What is the format for NEXUS sessions?

Our Summit sessions may take many different forms ranging from workshops to panel discussions. We traditionally use a format that we call Expert Led Conversations.

How do I report misuse of the Network?

NEXUS asks its members to adhere to a culture of non-solicitation at our events. We also conduct background checks on members and do not tolerate immoral or illicit activity. If you experience or witness behavior among NEXUS members that is not aboveboard you may report it by sending an email to redflag@nexusyouthsummit.org. We will respond with formal instructions explaining how to file a report. Please note that all correspondence with this email address is strictly confidential.