Nexus Australia Youth Summit 2014


The inaugural 2013 Nexus Australian Youth Summit was successful in opening and fostering conversation about revolutionising philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

Join members from around the world at the 2014 Nexus Australian Youth Summit and explore the world’s most pertinent social issues. Create and discover innovative pathways for change and explore effective ways to collaborate for greater impact.


Nexus is active in over 70 countries. This year, the Nexus Australian Youth Summit will have a strong focus on women and girls. Each speaker has been encouraged to discuss the potential of women and girls as the solution to the social issues that we are facing today. We are proud that Nexus is at the forefront of advocating for gender equality.

Applications are now closed for the Australian Summit in Melbourne, 26 to 28 October 2014. 

Registration costs for invited applicants at the 2014 Summit is AUD $300*

*ticket price is inclusive of GST, plus booking fee of $4.80

*Registration costs are only applicable to invited applicants and will be transacted following the invitation confirmation. 


2013 Nexus Australian Youth Summit

The first Australian chapter of the Nexus movement was held in October 2013, in Sydney with over 230 attendees. The Summit included some of the world’s most influential young social, political and economic leaders under the age of 40. Nexus Australian Youth Summit was successful in opening and fostering conversation, with over 99.94% of attendees reporting an above average or excellent experience. Together, attendees explored our most pertinent social issues and the most innovative approaches to creating change, resulting in the establishment of several high impact projects across the country and around the world.

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2013 Nexus Australian Innovator of the Year Award

A unique award designed to encourage a meaningful partnership between delegates from the Nexus Australian Youth Summit, that demonstrates the greatest potential for a social enterprise business opportunity. The winner of the Nexus Australian Innovator of the Year Awards, Presented by ANZ Private, is The Nappy Collective.

Applicants Moran Dvir & Sandra Jacobs started ‘The Nappy Collective’ project to collect and supply unused nappies to organisations supporting families in crisis. Providing the community an opportunity to partake in collective giving and highlight the welfare of children, whilst reducing waste. 

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