2016 Olympics

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 12 August, 2016
The inaugural Nexus delegation to the Olympics for the 2016 Summer Games convened on August 12, 2016, in partnership with Instituto Geração and UN HABITAT. It brought together young philanthropists, impact investors, athletes, athletic officials and allies. They discussed the challenges facing our world today and the role of sports as a vehicle to address them. The session was titled: The Power of Sports to Drive Social Change: Paving the road to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals through intergenerational dialogue and cooperation.

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A partial list of speakers included:

Bruna Lessa, 2014 FIFA World Cup
Carolina Caffe
Dana Podmolikova, UN HABITAT
Duran Farah, Somali Olympic Committee
Gabriel Mayr, Urece Sports and Culture for the Blind
Hossam Hassan Gadou, Banha University in Egypt
Ida Álvares, Atletas pelo Brasil
Isabela Perez
Michele Cunha, Instituto Reação
Raphael F. Luciano, Artists 2 Advocates
Raphael Zarembra
Tatiana Piva, Instituto Geração