Sports for Good

The NEXUS Sports for Good Lab launched in March 2016, to galvanize thought-leaders in the world of sports to use their platform and influence to drive social change through sports-related outreach. Led by NEXUS members who are engaged as athletes, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, philanthropists and/or whose families run sports businesses, the collective influence of this work is potentially significant. The Sports for Good Lab is led by Co-Chairs Erika Binger, Jody R. Weiss, Jason Kampf and Yohei Fujimoto.
Mission Statement
The NEXUS Sports For Good Lab explores best practices in supporting our planet and building the character of our youth and next generation through the medium of sports. The lab will look at the industry as a whole and provide solutions and tools to transform the negative aspects of sports. Sports unify or divide. The lab explores how we can bring the positive impact and qualities of sports into everyday life.

  • Monthly calls by sports experts using their platform for good
  • Sports panels/summits at major sporting events to galvanize influencers around using sports for good
  • Collecting Sports For Good “Best of” Examples to share with interested parties
  • The joint creation of national and/or global campaign(s) that invite sportsman, sportswomen and fans to commit to being sportspeople on and off the field.

Links and Information
To learn more about the NEXUS Sports For Good Lab, please contact: