Entrepreneurship Education

Who We Are
Entrepreneurship Education is a NEXUS Lab on the challenges faced by global entrepreneurs, especially by those who are in underserved locations. We empathically engage with these entrepreneurs and act as a bridge for solutions that help spread skills, capital and other key success factors to places where they are not present.
Our key contributions to this global community are: serving as an enabler for peer-to-peer mentoring, fostering venture investing in emerging entrepreneurship ecosystems, enabling skill and competence training to develop human capital.
Our Activity
Peer-to-peer mentoring program amongst entrepreneurs who need support to develop their projects/ventures.

Skill training webinars about key themes such as market validation, fundraising, growth hacking, with specialists from accelerators, incubators, universities, venture capital funds and innovative companies.

Decentralized venture investing amongst investors in different regions who aim at counting on local partners to co-invest in underserved locations, diluting risk and expanding reach.
Becoming a Member
To become a member or learn more about the NEXUS Lab on Entrepreneurship Education, please contact Felipe Amaral via Facebook or email felipea@nexusglobal.org.
Team Biographies
Felipe Amaral, Chair of NEXUS Lab on Entrepreneurship Education
Felipe Amaral is the chairman and a founding partner of Semente. In the last seven years Felipe has founded four enterprises: 1) Eureka, an educational program to help young students build their own careers; 2) Net Impact Porto Alegre, the first Brazilian chapter of Net Impact, an international network of impact-driven businesses and professionals; 3) Estaleiro Liberdade, an (un)school for aspiring entrepreneurs to create businesses with purpose; and 4) Semente, a company that designs and delivers innovative industry-focused entrepreneurship development programs in Latin America and then invests in the best “graduated” ventures. These enterprises have collectively impacted and inspired more than 10.000 entrepreneurs. Felipe has dedicated his career to the goal of scaling this kind of impact throughout the world.