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NEXUS Labs are a platform for NEXUS projects in development. They range in size and scope from small and temporary ideas to large and global visions. All projects advance the mission of the organization, draw from the membership of the network, and seek to incorporate or promote the celebration of diversity. As processes they may convene stakeholders, help to develop content for NEXUS Summits, produce thought leadership, or facilitate action.

As “works in progress” the projects of Labs do not necessarily represent the views of the organization or its membership. They are “experimental” ventures.

By design, Labs fall into one of three categories:

      1) Issue Area Lab – An informal training ground for people who seek to develop a formal NEXUS Working Group.
      2) Sponsored Projects – A container for ideas and conversations related to NEXUS partnerships and sponsored projects.
      3) Staff-led Innovations – A space for internal NEXUS staff-led program innovations. Issue area collaborations that are in formation are part of NEXUS Labs.

We have several Labs currently led by teams of NEXUS members. They include:

  • Ethical Fashion, Co-Chaired by Maggie Kervick, David Dietz, Emma Gage & Amanda Cole
  • Global Education, Chaired by Leslie Falconer
  • Regenerative Culture, Co-Chaired by Brian Weinberg, Christopher Lindstrom & Rosie von Lila
  • Invest in Yourself (IY), Chaired by Claudia Welss
  • Music, Co-Chaired by Younjae Ok, Mikuak Rai & Christen Lien
  • Sports for Good, Co-Chaired by Jody Weiss, Erika Binger, Jason Kampf & Yohei Fujimoto
  • Visual Arts, Co-Chaired by Younjae Ok, George Lewis & Christopher Schembra

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The Application Process

To form a NEXUS Lab, you will need to submit a formal proposal by providing answers to the following 8 questions in an email. Answers must be sent to Proposals from NEXUS members are reviewed through an ongoing process and are approved or rejected no less than 30 days after submission.
1. The Idea: Provide a summary of the project

2. The Problem Statement: What problem or issue are you trying to solve?

3. The Solution: What is your proposed solution to this problem?

4. Financial Feasibility: What funding opportunities exist to support the project? How will it be financially sustainable?

5. The Leadership: What leadership does the project have? What are their proposed titles and responsibilities?

6. Outcomes: What are the expected outcomes?

7. Relation to NEXUS: What part of the NEXUS ecosystem is relevant for the project? Examples may include: Access to funding, members, reputation, visibility?

8. Timeline: What is your proposed timeline for the project?

All project proposals for NEXUS Labs must be submitted via email to