Non-Solicitation Policy

NEXUS is committed to creating a safe and open environment where members can collaborate in a space that is free from solicitation in any form. Our non-solicitation policy covers all summits, salons, and any other NEXUS sponsored events, trips, and delegations. We may conduct background checks on members and do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or any activity that is considered a violation of local, state, or federal laws. NEXUS is a relational organization, not transactional. Solicitation activities such as introducing oneself in person or digitally for the purpose of selling products/services or handing out promotional materials during events are strictly prohibited.

If you experience or witness behavior among NEXUS participants or organizations that is not above-board you may report it via We will respond with formal instructions on how to file a report. Please note that all correspondence with this email address is strictly confidential. We are committed to protecting the privacy and well-being of our members, and promoting a culture where connection and collaboration can occur without the imposition of unauthorized solicitation. NEXUS reserves the right to take further action if necessary against any participant or organization that is found to be in violation of our non-solicitation policy. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining a respectful and supportive environment for all.

NEXUS Community Code of Conduct

All NEXUS members are asked to adhere to the following agreements:

1. Non-Solicitation: Including but not limited to business/fundraising efforts and promotions.
2. Safe Space: Free from verbal, online, physical or sexual harassment and assault. Free from discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, class, religion, age, ability, sexual orientation, perceived gender identity or expression.
3. Drugs & Alcohol: Official summit events are drug-free and alcohol is to be consumed responsibly.
4. Violations: Violations should be reported to and can be grounds for dismissal.