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As a NEXUS member, you are part of a global community of young entrepreneurs, philanthropists, investors, and changemakers. NEXUS members benefit from this safe, neutral space to collaborate on solutions to the greatest issues of our time.

Today, a NEXUS member is someone who has attended a NEXUS Summit (either Regional or Global). NEXUS members are invited to apply to join all NEXUS programs, but as events are intended to expand our network and highlight collaborative efforts within our community, not all members will be accepted to participate in all events. We are committed to supporting the NEXUS community throughout the year from making introductions to facilitating access to exclusive opportunities that that amplify the important work you do. We encourage you to develop relationships with your local City Ambassador, Country Director, or Regional Director to learn more about upcoming events and other ways to engage with NEXUS.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact

NEXUS Regional Leadership

Argentina: Delfina Lopez Freijido & Jenny Tchinnosian Kalpakian (

Australia: Dean Delia & Rachel English (

Belgium: Danielle Cohen Henriquez (

Brazil: Tatiana Piva A. Sarori & Luciana Cesar Leo (

Canada: Jonathan Glencross & Assaf Weisz (

Caribbean: Richard Powell & Retu Jalhan (

China: Ying Yan & Cat Wang (

Colombia: Carolina Gomez (

Denmark: Ditte Lysgaard Vind & Thomas Ermacora (

Eastern Asia: Abbie Jung (

Eastern Europe & Central Asia: Viktor Philippenko (

Egypt: Dayna Bahig (

France: Pascale Deau (

Germany: Vanessa Faktor Zamberk & Julia von Poschinger-Bray (

Ghana: Emmanuel Marfo, Kwasi Asare & Victoria Mensah (

Greece: Natalia Tereshchenko (

India: Tara Singh, Leela Bhashyam, Raj-Ann Rekhi Gill (

Indonesia: Michella Irawan (

Israel: Narkis Alon, Sarah Reifschneider & Daniel Goldstein (

Japan: Yohei Fujimoto (

Kenya: Rashlin Bhachu (

Korea: Grace Kim & Kyungsun Chung (

Latin America: Talita Montiel (

Mexico: Sebastian Carducci, Ernesto Nunez & Tania Rodriguez (

Middle East & North Africa: Lynn Zovighian (

Netherlands: Stef van Dongen (

Nigeria: Funke Shonekan & Tutu Adebiyi (

Norway: Marie Louise Sunde (

Peru: Elaine King (

Portugal: Carolina Pinto (

Singapore: Rebekah Lin & Sumitra Aswani (

Spain: Sebastian Fernandez de Cordova (

Sweden: Caroline Walerud (

Switzerland: Keyvan Ghavami (

Thailand: Nophol Techaphangam & Viria Vichit-Vadakan (

Turkey: Baris Zafer Oner (

United Kingdom: Lorraine Grace (

NEXUS City Ambassadors

Atlanta: Erin Bernhardt (

Boston: Christian Bailey (

Los Angeles: Clint Misamore (

New York City: David Dietz (

San Francisco: Winston Ibrahim (

Washington, DC: Andrea Lee-Zucker (

NEXUS Lab & Working Group Leaders


Lab/Working Group On:


Amy Gilbreath
Frohman Anderson
Liza Heavener

Animal Welfare & Biodiversity Conservation

Aaron Berger
Dillon Ripley Lanius
Katie Hoffman
Savannah Miller

Energy Innovation & Environment

Brittany Dejean
Mick Rosenthal

Diverse Abilities

Felipe Amaral
Leslie Falconer

Education & Entrepreneurship

Christina Hollenback

Equal Justice

Amanda Cole
Emma Gage
Maggie Kervick

Ethical Fashion

Amanda Cole
Sarah-Jane Murray

Film, Media & Story

Adam Schlenger
Christina Berkley
Nathan Walworth
Orian Marx


Diana Mao
Melissa Jane Kronfeld
Patrick Gage

Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

Tharald Nustad
Vanessa Grellet

Impact Investing

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk

Indigenous Issues

Kristina Saffran
Lindsay Abrams

Mental Health

Christen Lien
Mikuak Rai
Younjae Ok


David Chang
Sofia Sunaga


Brian Weinberg
Christopher Lindstrom
Rosie von Lila

Regenerative Culture

Erika Binger
Jason Kampf
Jody Weiss
Yohei Fujimoto

Sports for Good

Eleanor Post
Gray Keller

Visual Arts

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