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Member Spotlight: Ethical Fashion Lab Co-Chair Maggie Kervick on the Future of Fashion

NEXUS Member Spotlight

We were lucky to sit down with Maggie Kervick,  Director of Strategy and Integrated Partnerships at GCNYC Fair Fashion Center. For the past 18 months Maggie has served as the NEXUS co-chair for the Ethical Fashion Lab where she spearheaded high-level discussions, collaborations and panels and helped bring ethical fashion out of the shadows as an impact topic and onto…

WRITING EACH STEP – Give to Colombia

What a great experience it was attending the inaugural NEXUS Latin American and Caribbean Forum and seeing so many people making positive impact in various countries around the region. It was inspiring to get to know so many change makers that work on making the world a better place.

At the Forum I told the story of my project: WRITING EACH STEP. We aim to declare Colombia Illiteracy free by…

Nexus – watch this space!

By: Nina Skrzynski

Nexus Australia Co- Chair and New Generation of Giving member

Originally published in Philanthropy Australia, March 29, 2016.
Young people, innovation and collaboration on an international scale are crucial to solving our most critical social problems, and they are mobilising to do exactly that.
The Nexus Global Youth Summit brings together some of the brightest…

Nexus Member Spotlight: Mutassem Daaboul

Mutassem Daaboul

Mutassem Daaboul is the CEO of SAMA Madar, an aluminum, glass, and composites contractor originally founded in Syria.

Mutassem is an entrepreneur passionate about leveraging his family’s business to create positive social change. He holds an Executive MBA in Family Business and has lectured on the topic of Family…

Nexus Member Spotlight: Elliot Costello

Elliot Costello
Co-founder & CEO, YGAP

Elliot Costello is a social entrepreneur who, in 2008, co-founded YGAP, a non-profit organization aimed to inspire social entrepreneurs to end poverty. YGAP also engages thousands of young people across the world in creative fundraising projects like Polished Man and largely funds itself through a range of profitable social enterprises…

Nexus Member Spotlight: Ana Morales

Ana Morales
Founding Member, Maverick Collective

Ana Morales is a non-profit professional who is passionate about girls and women, particularly those who have experienced gender-based violence. Based in London and originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Ana has a degree in Human Resources and a Masters in Art Therapy from Pratt University in New York. She has focused her career in the non-profit…

Nexus Member Spotlight: Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller
Co-founder, Impact Generation Partners

Amanda is passionate about growing giving and the intersection of profit and purpose. Starting her career practicing corporate law at Allens, Amanda moved into the philanthropic sector working with non-profits, in grant making, with inter-generational family foundations, and with social enterprises. She is co-founder of Impact…

Nexus Member Spotlight: Bani Kohli



Bani Kohli
Founder, Jai Jan

At age 15, Ban Kohli started her NGO, Jai Jan (salute to the common man) in New Delhi, India.  Jai Jan recycles and reduces waste by feeding hungry children with food unutilized by restaurants.  Jai Jan also engages the community in productive activity and has a strong and growing network of 110 high school student volunteers.


What are you…

Nexus Member Spotlight: Erin Bernhardt

Erin Bernhardt
Atlanta City Ambassador, NEXUS

Erin is a humanitarian journalist and filmmaker dedicated to making movies that make a difference.  She works through film, journalism, and events to inspire and motivate people to rally behind important issues and causes.  Prior to IMBA MEANS SING, Erin was a writer and producer at CNN.  She has won severa…

Nexus Member Spotlight: Kweku Mandela

Kweku Mandela
Co-founder, Africa Rising

In 2009, Kweku Mandela, together with his cousin Ndaba Mandela, co-founded Africa Rising, an organization working with African youth to change the global perception of Africa and showcase positive development and growth on the continent.  Kweku is also a partner in one of South Africa’s largest Film and TV production companies, Out of Africa…