Building NEXUS in your region

If you are interested in helping to build NEXUS in your region please review this page and write to us at

What is NEXUS?

NEXUS is a movement to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship for dialog, education and collaborative problem solving. Founded in 2011, it convenes annually with the United Nations and has thousands of members in over 70 countries.

Can I start a NEXUS chapter in my region?

1. Who You Know

We work with two constituencies: wealth and social entrepreneurship.

On wealth: Make a list of the people you know from your region’s top business and philanthropic families. Why? Access is important. Peer-to-peer engagement is the easiest way to reach people, especially in “big philanthropy.” If you’re the largest donor to an organization and care how money is spent, you might be concerned about financial viability. You may wish to avoid creating dependency on your generosity. Relationships with peers are vital for developing strategies and creating systemic impact. Moreover, when it comes to peers, “capacity to give” is important. Families that are not yet philanthropic could start at any time.

On social entrepreneurship: Make a list of the leading social entrepreneurship institutions and networks and other stakeholders in your region. Who among them do you know? Are there incubators of social impact companies? Does an organization like Endeavor or Ashoka have a local office? Do you know social entrepreneurs under the age of 40 who have created game-changing non-profits or successful social impact companies? Are they positive role models?

2. Contact NEXUS HQ

NEXUS has thousands of members and alumni from its programs around the world. The chances are good that we have relationships with people in your community who can serve as allies for the process of building a new NEXUS chapter. Send us an email introducing yourself and we will reply with a series of documents and phone calls to help. Write to us at:

3. Organize a Delegation

Work with NEXUS HQ to organize a delegation of young people from your region to one of our Summits. We will provide you with guidelines, strategies for invitation, instructions for nominations and applications and more.

4. Cultivate Leadership

When you have a network of young social entrepreneurs and members of leading business families from your region, work to cultivate leadership. Learn who is skilled at organizing, managing logistics, conducting outreach, curating events, fundraising, working with the media, booking venues and more.

5. Become an Outreach Ambassador

The first step to formally representing NEXUS in your region is becoming an Outreach Ambassador. Contact us to learn how. The process involves submitting an application, providing references, and more. NEXUS works hard to ensure that its representatives are upstanding citizens who are well positioned to support the development of NEXUS as well as philanthropy and social entrepreneurship in their regions.

6. Host a Salon

NEXUS Salons convene all over the world. They are small events (often with meals and presenters) to gather NEXUS members, prospective members and allies. They often have a thematic purpose focusing on NEXUS Working Groups or Labs or more. Salons already convene all over the world. See here.

7. Host a Summit

NEXUS Summits are large productions and require partners, sponsors, networks and allies of many kinds. They are sometimes convened in partnership with government institutions such as the United Nations or the legislative or executive branches of government, such as the United States Congress, the White House or #10 Downing Street. If you have taken steps to develop NEXUS in your region, we can help you explore the possibility of hosting a Summit as well.