2017 NEXUS Asia Summit

PhuketThe 2017 NEXUS Asia Summit builds on the momentum of the past several years’ summits, salons, field trips, and community-initiated events in China, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Delegates, primarily young wealth holders from influential families and young social changemakers, will have the opportunity to share their values, ideas and vision on how to shape the future of Asia with their peers from around the world.

The summit will be an intimate and experiential retreat where delegates explore the concept of ‘Restorative Sustainability,’ i.e., how people and companies can be a net positive on nature and the world around us. How are companies going beyond sustainability and circular economy models to create positive social, economic and environmental impact? Through dynamic panel discussions, interactive workshops, rapid prototyping, facilitated discussions and private consultations, delegates will explore critical issues related to climate change, human trafficking, modern slavery, education, environmental conservation and impact invention. Through opportunities for introspection and self-discovery, they will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and be able to identify resources needed for the way forward.

Some delegates are well advanced in their social impact journeys while others are just taking their first steps. All are welcome and much needed in order to create a future we want to live in.

*Participation in the 2017 NEXUS Asia summit is by invitation only. If you wish to apply, please email asia@nexusglobal.org.