2017 NEXUS India Silicon Valley Forum


The NEXUS India Silicon Valley Forum was held in the Bay Area, January 31st- February 2nd 2017. The Forum was an exclusive, invitation-only conference convening emerging leaders in: human rights, climate change, sustainable development, fair trade, health and well-being, agriculture and farming, animal rights, peace, security, ethical fashion and social justice issues. The Forum discussed how technology, strategic philanthropy and sustainable investing can amplify impact in the aforementioned areas and beyond. Through dynamic dialogue and interactive discussion, NEXUS India continues the movement built by the NEXUS Global Youth Summit held in partnership with the UN, to catalyze new leadership and accelerate global solutions.

bisman-deauThe Silicon Valley Forum was a uniquely varied and interactive program of panels, workshops and social activities that will explore how philanthropy, impact investing and social entrepreneurship are all being harnessed to create a Sustainable India. NEXUS India gathered visionaries from India and our greater diaspora communities from across the globe to understand how the innovative spirit of the tech community can serve as a beacon to other philanthropists, impact investors, civic leaders and titans of industry to build our Sustainable India. We sought to understand how to leverage impact with a network that convenes young South Asian leaders from around the world to transform ideas, plans and resources into scalable and sustainable solutions for South Asia’s most intractable issues.


January 31st- Opening Reception
February 1st- Full Day Forum + Affinity Dinner
February 2nd- Optional Site Visits

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